Below you will find a few examples of projects I have worked on over the past few years.

Web Design

ABM Ammo

Working in collaboration with our graphic designers and marketing team, I programmed the entire ABM ammo website from scratch. I not only spearheaded the project, but created all the copy and continue to update the website weekly.


Photography / Articles

Precision Rifleman

I have been in charge of taking pictures and video for Berger Bullets and for our AZBRS Non-Profit. During that time, my articles and photography have been published several times per year, including photographs that have landed on the cover of the Precision Rifleman magazine.

Videography and Editing


During my time at Berger Bullets and the AZBRS, I have created several videos for the organizations by story boarding, taking video, and editing.

Walt's Dedication Video

Cactus Classic Promo Video

Southwest Nationals Introduction

Southwest Nationals Sponsorship Opportunities

Web Design


A simple website design was all that was needed for this non-profit organization I manage. So in less than I week I created this website from scratch. With our target demographic, it was important to keep things as easy to use as possible, and I believe I achieved this.


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