ryan neal

About Me

I am an experienced manager with a marketing background. I have a diverse skill set that includes information systems, analytics, metrics, programming, and consumer mindmapping. I round that out with a diverse background that has allowed me to learn all aspects of a business; from day to day production operations to finance and big picture planning.

While I believe myself capable of succeeding in any role I am thrust into, I believe that I shine when managing a team. This allows me to not only grow my own skills, but the skills of my employees. I take great pride when I say that I've been told by seasoned employees that I am the best manager they have ever worked with. I've even been told time and time again by employees in other divisions of our company that they wish I was the one they reported to.

My Story

I grew up in the Santa Clarita Valley and went to college at California State University, Northridge. Shortly after college I moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. This was during the great recession, so I took any job I could find. I started off as a customer service rep at Printplace.com, then quickly got promoted to the Mailing Services Team Lead.

After proving myself there, I was promoted to the Pre-Press department, where my goal was to make the department as efficient as possible. Through programming their Metrix database during my lunch breaks, I eventually took a three person 12-hour day department down to a two person 6-hour day department that was not only far more efficient, but far more effective. The profitability of a printing company begins and ends in Pre-Press.

Soon, I was again promoted to be in charge of the Pre-Press department for a new company under the same umbrella, Modern Greetings. I set up the entire department and worked on integration with the web developers and press operators. By the time I left to move back to California, everything was set in place for anyone to come in and do the day to day operations.

I took up a position as a Marketing Specialist at Berger Bullets upon moving back to California. There, I was able to focus back in on my real passion, Marketing. During my two years as a marketing specialist, I received employee of the month twice before being promoted to Operations Manager for our subsidiary, ABM Ammo.

As Operations Manager, I learned how to run a business from top to bottom. I really cannot begin explain how great of an experience it was and how much knowledge I gathered from this position. It was my first time managing a team since my volunteer work in Dallas/Fort Worth, and I loved it.

However, I did not entirely strip myself of my marketing duties. I stayed on managing events for the team. Specifically, I ran the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters organization, where I would manage a team of up to 20. I would staff the monthly events, run operations, communicate with customers, do accounting for the non-profit organization, and much more. It was a very rewarding adventure.

After nearly two years, I heard the calling of my true passion, Marketing, and began transitioning myself into a fully marketing role again. Slowly removing duties from myself on the operations side as I trained others to do parts of my old position, and adding more duties to myself on the marketing side.

Now I am the Marketing Manager at Berger Bullets, and very much enjoying my work and looking forward to seeing what future opportunities come my way.

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